List of 5 Best International Online Chatting Websites

List of 5 Best International Online Chatting Websites

The wide extension of internet services in the recent years has sprung up an unending competition among free online chat service providers. Companies have come up with new message exchangers, with new added features to curb the market share. No doubt, it is quite tough task to identify only one service that can be termed as the best. Why? Because, almost every service these days has its own unique features and advantages. However, we are discussing some of the best free online chat service providers below:

Yahoo: It is one of the oldest and most widely used messaging services. Millions of people around the world are registered with Yahoo, and video chat is the latest addition in the list of extra benefits offered by Yahoo to its users.

ICQ: The demand for ICQ is although declining, but it offers a revolutionary and easy to use online tool that enables one to contact his/her friends online. In addition one can easily search people from a huge database.


Skype: It has been known as one of the safest free online chat websites, as it comprises a very complex encoding and decoding algorithms. Skype is also highly criticized by security agencies, across countries, but is gaining popularity among users. It offers a tool which can be easily downloaded from their website. Once installed, the tool will automatically alert you with the updates, friends’ availability and other features.

MSN: It is being maintained by Microsoft and was introduced in 1995 with the name Microsoft Network. A recent study has shown that MSN is the 9th most visited portal of all times. With such huge popularity, the company also incorporated MSN messenger as a preinstalled feature in the latest versions of Windows.

Google: Google has been a late entrant among free online chat providers, but it came up with integration of chat and mail together which was a revolution in this industry. To further enhance its customer base, it also launched Gtalk, which is a very fine and easy to use application to communicate with friends.

These were the best free chat rooms available online, now let us see why they are the best!

Reasons of Popularity

* Information exchange is possible among a group of people with the same interests.
* Online training and interaction are possible.
* It makes users more social, dynamic and mature.
* As users meet different people, they can make friends from all over the world.
* Communication with relatives and other known people is also possible.

As per the latest survey, teens are in the majority when it comes to the type of users. Webcam and anonymity make them bolder and smarter than before.

In short, we can conclude that free online chat rooms facility is just like a social platform that facilitates get-together of people with the same or different taste. Here, users can meet real boys and real girls as per their wish. With anonymous profile and registered fake name, people can start using this wonderful facility. Furthermore, if users want, they can share their feelings through ‘go private’ facility as well. Such facility helps users find an intimate friend or even lover.

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